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From a young age, Princess Makeda knew that one day she would become the queen of Ethiopia, one of the greatest empires in the world. Her family belonged to a ruling dynasty that was founded in 1370 B.C. by the ancestors of Makeda’s mother, Ismenie. Ismenie married Makeda’s father, Kawnasya, who rose to the throne in 1026 B.C.


King Kawnasya was a kind, intelligent ruler whose people prospered under his leadership. The Ethiopian empire was located south of Egypt and also included parts of the countries of Arabia, Sudan and Yemen.


The empire’s army was so large and powerful that few countries dared to cross into their borders. In the Bible, the Ethiopians are described as having “an army of about 1 million soldiers (2 Chronicles 14: 8-9).”


The kingdom was blessed with plenty of natural treasures. The empire had very large gold fields in several locations and their quantities of gold were among the richest known in the world.


Makeda’s future was shaped partly by tragedy. Her older brother, Noural Rouz, died as an infant, leaving her as the sole heir to the throne. Makeda knew becoming the queen would require a lifetime of service and knowledge.

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